My Role

As part of UC Berkeley Extension’s User Research for UX Class, I worked on an individual practice project with Temu under the instruction of Jewel Seperson, an Award-winning user research leader at Mozilla. Temu is an online marketplace committed to providing the most affordable quality products. My work focused on understanding new user’s on-boarding experience and seeking for improvement.

<aside> 💡 Why Temu? 🌟 Personally interested in startup business and e-commerce field. 🤩 Appeared 30-second ad 2 times during the ****Super Bowl 2023 🤩 #1 most downloaded free APP on both App Store and Google Play. 🤔 But with terrible UX as for my own experience. 👀 Looking into the reasons behind and ways for improvement.


Background & Objectives:

As a rising app, Temu wants to gain more market share under fierce competition.

  1. To gain better understanding of the current on-boarding user experience.
  2. To identify what elements should be maintained and what needs to be adjusted.
  3. To determine how to retain new users attracted during Temu's brand promotion period.

Research Questions

  1. What are first-time users’ satisfaction level?
  2. What is the status of usability of Temu application for a first time user?
  3. What are the usability issues, pain points, or confusions that may arise during users’ initial interaction with the application? What about delighter?

Methodology and Analysis

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